Media Personality Caroline Mutoko reads Akothee’s haters

Caroline Mutoko loves Akothee and has defended her by saying that the singer doesn’t owe anyone anything.

Popular Kenyan media personality Caroline Mutoko has come out to defend singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee. In a video posted on her popular YouTube channel and on her social media, the former radio presenter said that she loves Akothee and that people should leave Akothee alone bearing in mind that she has no responsibility to be a role model to other people’s children. She added that Akothee’s critics should focus on raising their children and that Akothee’s target market was not kids, therefore they should raise their kids better.

Lastly, Mutouko reiterated that Akothee is a grown beautiful woman who knows what she is doing and that as much as many would love to hate her many admire her for her boldness online. She also said that as much as she doesn’t know many of her songs, nor is she Akothee’s target market, she acknowledged that she has done well for herself and she wouldn’t mind hanging out with her.

Nairobi County Women representative Esther Passaris also came out guns blazing in support of Akothee in a tweet where she was replying to moral police, Ezekiel Mutua, the KFCB boss by saying that he has a sick mind because all she saw from Akothee’s performance was her sexy dance moves, flexibility and confidence as opposed to her ‘exposing her private parts’ as Mutua claimed.

According to a report by Nairobi News, the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) will arrest and prosecute artistes contravening the Films and Stage Plays Act. During a press conference in Nairobi, KFCB honcho Ezekiel Mutua also warned that the board will ban public performances that “dishonor and contravene common decency and those that objectify women”.

This is after some critics online lashed out at the AFRIMMA award-winning singer after she posted pictures of herself during her concert over the weekend. As reported by The Sauce, the singer posted images of herself in “sexual” positions while she wore a white bodysuit, stockings, and boots.

Many critics on her social media timeline condemned her for not being a good example and role model to young girls with her stage antics. To which Madam Boss replied that she owed no one anything especially the self-imposed role of being a good example to anyone’s children. She added that she was an entertainer, not a pastor.


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