Maseno Student Finds Freedom As Second-hand Clothes Merchant

Being in campus can sometimes be difficult if one is not financially endowed. Most students depend on their parents to foot all their bills, from school fees to pocket money. However, the truth is that most comrades have an opportunity to be entirely independent of their parents. Take the case of one Victoria Nyambok, a third-year student at the Maseno University main campus.

Around July last year, the Development Studies and Strategic Planning student decided to venture into boutique business, and it is now paying dividends.

“As a girl in campus, I have financial needs that my parents may not be able to meet. That’s why I decided to come up with this small side hustle. I settled for a boutique because I like fashion and design,” Victoria told Capital Campus Correspondent.

She started the business with Sh. 10, 000 and later grew her seed many to a fully fledged business. “I got the 10K from a project I was doing during long holidays,” said Nyambok. She bought clothes and started hawking from hostel to hostel, before setting up Shima Collections Boutique at the Maseno shopping center.

She says business has been good because she now knows her customer’s likes, wants, and tastes. When discussing the tricks of the trade, Victoria admitted, “you have to set comrade price.”

The boutique major offers include dresses, tops, and sandals for both male and female comrades. She can make up to Sh. 4, 000 per month in profit, after paying the Sh. 2, 000 rent.

Victoria revealed she started the business without her parents’ blessings, but they have since changed their tune about the matter. “They are proud of me. They keep on urging me to continue with business because sometimes when you finish the fourth year, it is not a guarantee that you will get a job,” she said.

Victoria Nyambok sources her wares from various stores in Kisumu as well as across the border in Tanzania. Reflecting on how she chooses to seek financial independence from her parents, Vicotria shared, “…parents have already done much by taking you to school and paying your school fees. It is high time you come up with a business that they can be proud of.”

In this day and age, book smarts are not worth much without streets smarts.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Peter Oliver Ochieng.

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