Mandela family launches media company focusing on gender equality and mental health awareness

Nelson Mandela’s family is launching a media company to honour the legacy of the late anti-apartheid political leader.

Mandela’s family says it is teaming up with film and television producer Michael Sugar whose company, Sugar23, produced ‘Spotlight’ and ’13 Reasons Why,’ among others and ad agency DMA United to form Mandela Media.

According to CNN, under the Mandela Media brand, the group will develop long- and short-form content that will focus on “racial inclusion and equality, gender equality, mental health awareness and social justice.”

“My father spent his life fighting for freedom and equality,” Makaziwe Mandela said in announcing the endeavour.

“My family and I are very excited to partner with Sugar23 on Mandela Media. Sugar23 and DMA United not only believe in my father’s values but are also incredibly passionate about sharing those beliefs with people across the world through art, culture and entertainment.”

Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years for fighting apartheid and later served as President of South Africa, died in 2013 at age 95.

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