Man United’s Ole Gunnar receives gift from Kenyan fans to bring good luck after Barca defeat

Manchester United is not having the best luck, but Kenyan fans hope to change this with a special gift to Ole Gunnar.

According to a press conference after the Barcelona-Manchester United game, newly appointed Man United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had lots to say after his club’s devastating loss against Spanish giant Barcelona. In the post-match debrief, Gunnar spoke to a room full of reporters speaking of his disappointment of Man United’s performance, and went on to praise their worthy competitor Barca saying “they have always been a great club with great traditions.”

As reporters began to ask questions, one went on to share that he recently came from Kenya, and had something special for the United manager and the team from the Kenyan fans. The reporter told Ole Gunnar, “I have just come from visiting Kenya, after visiting with many Manchester United fans there. And they really wanted me to give you this gift. It’s a stick from the Maasai. They hope and think, that it will give you a lot of hope in the future. If it is ok, I would like to give you this gift.”

When asked if he had a special message for the Kenyan fans, Ole Gunnar said, “There are lots of fans all over the world for Man United. Of course, we are disappointed tonight, that we’ve not really managed to put a very very good team out of the cup.” Hunched over, Ole Gunnar looked in low-spirits as he accepted the results of the match. The loss means that the Reds have now been officially knocked out of the UEFA Champions League.

Nonetheless, the ‘Baby-faced Assasin’ as he was known as a player has made it clear that Man United will return to optimal form sooner rather than later.   As reported by The Sauce, Gunnar made quite the name for himself as caretaker manager. He made history as no Manchester United manager managed to win his first four matches in charge since Sir Matt Busby as he did.

Based on his fighting words, Ole Gunnar has not given up just yet.


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