Maisie Williams points out other scripts are “trash”compared to Game of Thrones, but is she right?

Maisie Williams thinks other scripts are “trash” compared with ‘Game of Thrones’.

The 22-year-old actress – who portrayed assassin Arya Stark on the HBO show – admitted she is “constantly craving” material that shocks her while still being believable, but she has found it hard to come across anything as well written as the fantasy drama series.

She told SFX magazine: “I read other scripts now and think, ‘This is trash!’ The stories are just not complex. And then sometimes you read a script which is definitely like 30 pages too long and you think, ‘But there’s still no twist!’ It’s sometimes really difficult to find something that surprises you. I think that’s what the show has always done so well.

“And you can’t do that sort of writing unless you’re good at writing because otherwise it just becomes sort of nonsensical and you’re just being shocking for the sake of being shocking rather than writing something that’s believable.

“I’m constantly craving something that makes me gasp as I read.”

Despite the huge global success of the saga, Maisie admitted she still can’t grasp how big it has been because she has been inside the phenomenon from the start.

She said: “I still struggle to grasp how huge it is. It’s really hard because you’re like, ‘Well do I just think that because I’m on it? Is it really that big?’

“You see all the numbers come in and fans dressing up, but because it’s our entire life, it’s hard to be objective and see it from the outside.

“I’m friends with a few of the cast on ‘Stranger Things’ and that show really blew up. People always say, ‘Oh my God, what are they like in real life?’ and I’m like, ‘They’re just my friends.’

“People build this idea of someone and it’s beautiful to see the excitement in their eyes, but at the end of the day, we’re all still figuring this out like everyone else. We still can’t believe that it’s got so big.”

Game of Thrones Season 8 was the last and final season of the HBO production that attracted 19 millions of viewers across the globe. According to The Sauce, the season’s finale had a less than impressive end, which sent several fans reeling from disappointment. Game of Thrones’ last episode aired on May 19th after eight seasons of action-packed entertainment. This, however, didn’t go well with fans who expected more episodes from the 8th season as well as a more favorable ending to the finale. An online company is catering to depressed fans allowing them to book therapy sessions for their friends and family members they care about.

Another report confirmed Maisie’s character Arya is not having a spin-off series. In the final episode of the HBO fantasy drama – which aired on Sunday (19.05.19) – Arya declared she was headed on a journey to discover what’s “west of Westeros”, and despite the final scenes leaving fans desperate for a spin-off series detailing the young Stark’s adventures, it’s unlikely the idea will ever become a reality.


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