Lupita Nyong’o admits she had nightmares over Red Devil ice lollies

Lupita Nyong’o used to have nightmares after eating ice lollies.

The ‘Us’ actress – who grew up in Kenya – loved the taste of the frozen treat but was so terrified of its sinister packaging, she used to eat it with her eyes closed.

She explained: “It was a strawberry popsicle that was sold outside my school. I loved it, except that it was known as the Red Devil and on the wrapper was a picture of a devil.

“I didn’t even like to look at the packaging, so I’d take the popsicle out and crumple it up, then eat it with my eyes closed.

“Even so, it would terrify me at night – I had a recurring dream that there was a red devil in a trench outside our house and it wouldn’t let me through to go to school. I think that was the most pervasive nightmare I had.”

Lupita turned 36 earlier this month and is very content with where she is in her life.

She said: “It’s definitely a time for reflection. A birthday is always a time when I look back and think about what has come before, what’s coming ahead, what’s happening now. I don’t ask those questions like, ‘Why me?’ or ‘Why now?’

“But I do feel I’m living the life I’m supposed to be living and that I’m where I’m supposed to be.

“That’s a wonderful feeling because I’ve definitely had times in my life when I’ve felt lost and I don’t feel lost right now.”

Fame has made the ‘Black Panther’ star cherish the time she gets to spend with the people she loves.

She said: “I’ve grown more precious about the time I spend with people. Of course, I feel very blessed to have received all the opportunities I have lately but I’m also very busy so I don’t have the time I used to have.

“So I keep the people who are closest to me very close – and I’m very particular about who I spend my time with because I don’t have enough of it to waste.”

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