Lipstick: red on black?

There is a myth that red lipstick on dark-skinned women is a no no. Well, that’s a huge misconception that needs to be done away with. Red lipstick looks brilliant on black ladies! The matter of shade is to be taken into account though. Red comes in hundreds of shades and there is one suitable for every complexion.


Ladies, pay keen attention:


For dark warm skin, skin with golden tones (what most Kenyans refer to as chocolate complexioned) a bright shade of red would do considerably well. Think of getting brick red or rusty red lipstick.


Cool dark skin refers to a complexion that is blue based. Most Southern Sudanese bear this skin tone. If your skin falls in this category, the right red lipstick for you would be one that is deep red.


For caramel skinned girls, you are not forgotten. Most shades of red would look good with your light complexion but as light skin is prone to red there is the issue of foundation and concealer and pounds of other make-up to tone down the skin. I do not recommend to much make-up so my advice would be pink lipstick for light skinned girls.


Shopping for a lipstick is a pretty easy task; no need to master lipstick number as the numbers vary with different brands. Most lipsticks have a clear top making it easy to examine the shade of the lipstick.


Which lipstick brand is best? I recommend Miss Rose lipstick for two major reasons: it is widely accessible and very affordable. You will find Miss Rose lipstick in almost all leading supermarkets and beauty shops for only Sh150. The lid of Miss Rose lipsticks is not transparent but at the top of the lid the lipstick shade is shown.



Mac lipsticks are rumoured to be the best in the market. They have a wide range of colours and once the lipstick is applied it lasts for hours without having to reapply. Only problem is they are not very pocket friendly to us college ‘fashionistas’. If you are going shopping for a Mac lipstick, prepare to cough Sh1,500.


Red is a bold beautiful colour and perfect for this hot January air. Get out there and enjoy the red…and attention!

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