Lion’s Den – Where Hopeful Entrepreneurs Meet Investors

When you have an operational business or simply a business idea, the best thing that can happen to you is having someone support it. Imagine finding a skilled investor to support that business and even go to lengths of investing and mentoring you through it. Isn’t that any entrepreneur’s dream?

Well, this has become a reality for a mix of entrepreneurs who graced the Lions’ Den. KCB Lions’ Den is a platform for budding and experienced entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to five competent self-made business moguls, with the hope of securing a deal.

The five investors fondly referred to as Lions are – Darshan Chandaria, Wandia Gichuru, Myke Rabar, Olive Gachara and Kris Senanu. They have proven records of accomplishment emanating from their business success invarious industries.

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In season one of Lions’ Den, over 4,500 entrepreneurs applied to participate in the pitching process. After thorough vetting, only 75 made it to the den. Collectively, they sought funding of close to 600M Ksh. Out of the 75 participants, 23% were female while 77% were male entrepreneurs. They cut across different industries; twelve to be exact. ICT was the top industry owing to the growth in technology-based enterprises.

The show currently on its second season airs on KTN every Tuesday at 8pm.More entrepreneurs have made deals with the Lions’; deals that have surged beyond the 100M Ksh mark.

As much as the show is knowledge packed with skills on ‘how to’ and ‘how not to do’ business, it is entertaining to watch. It gives you amazing insight into how the Kenyan business landscape works and equips you with the knowledge and skills on what to look out for while growing a business. Watch season one and two episodes here.

KCB Lions’ Den fits perfectly into the wider 2Jiajiri vision that seeks to empower the youth through offering them practical business skills/training and funding. The show is definitely a great leap for KCB in its effort to create job and wealth creation among the youth through the KCB 2Jijairi program .


Catch the show every Tuesday on KTN at 8pm.


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