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MUST WATCH: Lies Men Tell

Love is honest, love is kind… but this isn’t always the case.

We approached some women who shared their journey to love. This video is hilarious, relatable and human at its core. The quest to find true love leads many into treacherous waters, and webs of lies, but we hope that all parties can be more honest in relationships.

Lying is literally part of people’s lives. Basically everyone lies.

The “I swear I’m not lying” kind of phrase, only serves to make one look guiltier. In fact, some people actually lie to get through with their daily lives. Their whole life is just but a lie. For women, they fall victim to lies told by men. As a woman, it’s really important to differentiate white lies from the big lies. Some men will lie to women to avoid hurting them and make them feel secure and good about themselves. Men can also lie to get out of relationships.

There are common parameters under which men’s lies often fall:

Good lies

These good lies just show that he cares.” That dress isn’t that short honey it looks nice on you”, “You’re not that big I love your body size”. These kinds of lies are often to give women want to hear. Women want to hear the truth but men avoid telling them their honest reviews to avoid rude awakenings or confrontations.

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Their Feelings

Men generally know what they want and will go to any lengths to get it. For a woman who is looking for a serious relationship, when a guy uses these “I want to take things slow”, it simply means he is not ready to commit. Maybe all he wants is a girl to enjoy his free time with but not a serious relationship at the end of the day. Women should avoid the “I want to take things slow” liar if they are up for a serious commitment.

Save yourselves the heartache, ladies.

Sad Lies

These are the lies that a man tells a woman when he starts to fall out of love. A woman may not be sure about these kinds of lies but she should also keep a close eye on how he is saying it. Take note of his tone and gestures.

They normally sound like, “I’m not sure if I will be able to call after work I might be too tired and just decide to go straight to bed.” The sooner a woman takes notice of this kind of lie, the easier it will be to fix her relationship or call it quits.

Sexual Performance

Men have been believed to be naturally superior according to a provocative theory by a Canadian scholar. They would like to showcase the same superiority in their bedroom affairs. They may lie to women about how good they are in bed just to build their confidence and at the same time to make the woman desire them more. Many times, these lies could not be further from the truth.

Have you been lied to?

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