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Lessons from Kenyan coronavirus patient at Mbagathi Hospital

Kenyan coronavirus patient identified as @Kara_k06 took took to social media to share their experience at Mbagathi Hospital and offer some important advice to avoid the spread of the highly infectious COVID-19.

Using a Twitter account, @Kara_k06 urged the Kenyan public to adhere to the Ministry of Health’s advisory on hygiene as well as social distancing. Here are some major outtakes from Kara’s experience at the coronavirus isolation unit in Mbagathi Hospital.

Lesson 1: Government and health sector are learning how to manage the virus on the job.

According to Kara’s observations, patients are being admitted with suspicions of being infected with the coronavirus however, those who traveled recently or were exposed to others who have tested positive take priority. In a bid to not overwhelm the poorly prepared healthcare system in Kenya, testing is being done based on a priority list of sorts, with exposure and symptoms forming the criteria.

The patients are being grouped to help manage the numbers. Kara provided a glimpse into the system. She said, ” I am in the Isolation ward awaiting test results. If positive you are then moved to the treatment wards.” Kara also pointed out 2 patients had tested positive and were said to have traveled recently.

Testing involves several stages with gag reflexes and nasal checks providing some indication on the severity of the infection on the respiratory system.

Kara also noted that testing is improving, with results being churned out much faster than before.

Lesson 2: Young people are also at risk of getting coronavirus.

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According to Kara’s experience most of the patients who have been tested in Mbagathi Hospital are below age 30. This dispels the assumption that only those over 60 years are predisposed to the deadly virus.

Lesson 3: Mbagathi Hospital Patient Care is sub-optimal.

The virus has no known cure, and with health workers struggling to test and treat the influx of patients who require medical attention, it seems that the system is under some strain.

Kara often refers to the timing of health workers in the hospital as Mbagathi Staff Timing (MST) with poor delivery of services and communication being expected.

Though the numbers of the infected is still below 100 in Kenya, Ministry of Health advises that citizens should observe social distancing should they need to go out, and more importantly self quarantine. Non-essential travel has been restricted, as President Uhuru Kenyatta has implimented a curfew from 7pm to 5 am as earlier reported.

If one suspects they may have the coronavirus, please dial 719.

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