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KU is a fashion disaster waiting to happen

fashion disaster

There are people born with a really poor fashion sense. Sadly, it seems Kenyatta University is their preferred varsity. Saying that KU students have a poor fashion sense would be an understatement of the year.


Call me a hater but I really don’t see how a person past high school would wear a balloon dress with jeans. That is an abuse of freedom of expression.


Just because a distant cousin from abroad brought you a leather jacket last festive season you want to rock it anywhere, anytime and everywhere. Don’t get me wrong. Leather jackets are cool. A leather jacket in Nairobi during the hot season is anything but cool. And that goes for leather boots also. Please ladies, keep off the hide skin in hot weather. I know they are sold at a throw-away price in Muthurwa and other mitumba markets alike.  They are great, if you live somewhere in Nandi hills. In campus, it’s ridiculous. Talk about doing your little toe an injustice because by the time you will be taking them off, you will be screaming for ice my gal.


Promotion t-shirts are another thing. You attend a toothpaste convention and you are lucky enough to walk away with a t-shirt. For the sake of sanity, that t-shirt should never see the light of the day. It’s perfect for a lazy day in, or preferably lazily reading the paper, doing laundry, house chores , general cleaning around the house and the occasional walk to the local kiosk.

picha . courtesy

But going out for outdoor activities with an M-Pesa tee is a definite no no! If my girlfriend wore a promotion t-shirt anywhere, I would chain her on the bed until she obliges to change.


Our beautiful sisters from upcountry, wouldn’t you stop neutralizing down you natural beauty with those things you constantly wear? Would it be too much to ask you to preserve your kitenge suit for the twelve hours bus ride back to Chuka, Kibos, Runyenjes or wherever?  ..  .. NO?! Okay


The rainbow is lovely and we all like it. But this is especially when it’s in the sky and not in peoples head!! Whoever invented these multi-coloured braids should have their thinking licenses revoked.


And this fashion disaster extends to guys also. Its okay when your where a tight shirt or pact t-shirt as a man but skinny jeans just beats the logic. What’s the motivation? What’s the message you are trying to pass?  And some sad little soul somewhere decided they should come in bright colours with matching shoes. So when you try hitting on my sister or lady friend dressed in hot pint skinny “men” jeans, you won’t see the light of day dude! That I assure you.

courtesy 1

High heels are cool and stylish. No doubt about that. But it really beats common sense when a girl insists on wearing stiletto to class for the whole 35 hours times 7 units in a semester. Woe unto you if your lecture theatre is a planet away from where you live. Before you realize it, your supposed fancy spot legs will be more sporty and muscular than those of Ezekiel kemboi. But beauty comes at a price… yes?


Since water fall (please Google if you have no idea what water fall dress is) season are in season, who told you, you can wear them with everything? And finally, those grandma dresses just look fantastic…from the other side of the street in a foggy morning.



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