Khaligraph Jones, Khali Cartel revive Kenyan cypher culture

Khaligraph Jones is back with Khali Cartel 2.

The rapper gathered a group of Kenya’s most talented underground emcees, for the second part of Khali Cartel. The track which is simply shot, and focuses on the talent of the featured artists is breath of fresh air for an industry polluted with overly produced tracks & visuals. The new release includes Steph Kapella, Twenny Eights, Timmy Blanco, Katapilla and Xtatic.

The five lyricists remind the Kenyan audience of their talent as they deliver bars with spectacular flow and energy. Each one displaying their talent and style, the five rappers impress in the new track. The O.G Khaligraph Jones who may have revived the classic hip-hop cypher with this release also delivered his personal verse that proves just why he is the real O.G. Though many may be arguing who dropped the best bars, Jones made a special shout-out to underground rappers Timmy Blanco & TimmyXTweeny.

Which rapper do you think nailed it?