Kenyans roast their leaders on Twitter #CongratulationsGovernor

Kenyans on Twitter are at it again.

Kenyans are having a field day this morning criticizing their respective governors with #CongratulationsGovernor

The hashtag seemingly congratulates various Governors who have done well but in a sarcastic twist, K.O.T bashes their governors for all their wrongdoing. Eager to remind them of their past scandals, K.O.T does not spare the Governors who have left down their constituents with unfulfilled promises. The trending hashtag is a show of how much Kenyans are fed up by their leaders’ shenanigans that make up the daily headlines in the media.

Although some of the tweets congratulate some governors like Wycliffe Oparanya and Charity Ngilu who have done well for their counties, there are some hilarious tweets that carry the day.

Here are some of the best of the best tweets from this hashtag:

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