Kenyans on Twitter express mixed feelings over Governor Sonko’s work in #ArrestSonko

Nairobians have today (03.12.19) taken to Twitter to unleash how they feel about Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko via the #ArrestSonko hashtag.

The top trending hashtag on Twitter #ArrestSonko was aimed at bashing the politician’s track record however, some of his supporters have since come out to defend him.

The social media call for the outspoken Governor’s arrest was fueled by the current state of the city following the heavy rains that have been experienced in Nairobi and other parts of the country. Many Nairobi residents sited flooded roads that are now impassable, massive potholes on the roads, garbage in the city as well the recently increased parking fees.

According to recent reports, motorists in Nairobi will be digging dipper into their pockets after the County Government on Monday (02.12.19) announced an increase in parking fees. Beginning Wednesday, December 4th, it will cost you Ksh.400 to park in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) marking a double increase from the initial Ksh.200.

However, others defended the city honcho saying that the heavy downpour is a natural phenomenon therefore nature was just taking its course. His supporters also insisted that Nairobians are to blame for the flooded roads as they throw away garbage like plastic bottles which end up clogging the city’s drainage systems.

This is not the first time Sonko has been under fire this past week, over the weekend, the Governor angered Kenyans when he flaunted his beautifully furnished kitchen complete with gold plated sufurias while many were suffering as a result of flooded roads and houses something that posed health risks.


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