Kenyan tweep featured on French billboard all thanks to the power of Twitter

Kenyan tweep @Kiritubobo has officially made it, she is on a French billboard.

According to a recent report, @Kiritubobo tweeted in March earlier this year, that she would one day feature on a billboard. And it was only a matter of time before someone took note and made it happen.

Twitter promptly notified the Kenyan Twitter user in the hopes of using her tweet as part of a campaign scheduled to go live in the French seaside town of Cannes. Gadgets Africa reports, “the tweet didn’t go viral or anything but it somehow got the attention of Twitter who, through their notification account, responded asking for her permission to put her tweet on a billboard in France, at that time her tweet only has 3 retweets and 4 likes.”

The outdoor advertising campaign #StartWithThem was a success; as @Kiritubobo was tagged by a French user giving her a head’s up that her dream was finally actualized.

Needless to say, @Kiritubobo is more than pleased.

In a report released in March 2019, Twitter said that it has 126 million daily active users, a figure that is dwarfed by Facebook’s 1.2 billion daily users and that falls short of Snapchat’s daily users by 60 million.

The platform has also managed to bring quite a bit of money. The Washington Post reports, Twitter brought in $909 million in revenue for the fourth quarter, up 24 percent from a year earlier, with a profit of $255 million, well more than double what it made during the same period in 2017. This new campaign not only demonstrates the advertising power of Twitter, but also the organic interraction and engagement the platform encourages.



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