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Keeping up with New Year Resolutions


July is almost coming to an end. The month synonymous with its cold and dull weather is the same one that ushers in the last half of the year 2015. Time does really fly; flashback six months ago we were all in anticipation for a fresh start. So we believed and penned down a list of goals and expectations for 2015. Many call it New Year’s resolutions.

Then came January, all statuses on Facebook and Whatsapp read: new beginnings, a new me, 2015 changes here we go. People were zealous, oozing determination to initiate change. As soon as life uncertainties happened, procrastination took root and got stuck in a rut of the old us. How are your resolutions coming along?

New years’ resolutions, therefore are like that drunk uncle in your family, you know you shouldn’t take him too seriously but you can’t help but play along when he comes around once a year during Christmas.

Well, before the year begun I had my own list of goals and resolutions. So as to identify why most of our resolutions fail, let us evaluate the progress I made to some of the most common resolutions made by my fellow campus students.

Resolution one: Reduce Alcohol Consumption

If you were regularly woken up by the smell of something dead only to realize that is your breath or waking up on the wrong side of a wrong bed often, then you haven’t drunk enough. Welcome to ‘Wamunyota’s republic.’

Every wamunyota knows that alcohol is a woman. It is a love-hate relationship; she comforts you when you are sad and can kill you if she comes cheap.

To run away from ‘her’ I had to stop shopping at Lifestyle. This is because upon entering the mall, a seductive female voice calls out my name and soon I find myself in the liquor section. At last my Lady McBeth awaits her purchase. Then there are my comrades who help me ‘beat the line’ and don’t have to wait on queues. Unfortunately, they prefer cheap women…i mean liquor.

The initiative of adapting to a new routine and change of my clique of friends greatly played part to successively accomplish resolution one.

Resolution two: More focus on academics

I am a student at The University of Nairobi, Need I say more? It is without a doubt that I am furiously intelligent and will be catastrophic, calamitous and cataclysmic to conclude otherwise! However, studying at the heart of the city has very many distractions. Comrades do not only graduate with academic degrees, they also come with some professional attachment of stone ‘bowling’ and immunity from tear gas fumes.

For most students, the attitude is ‘I worked hard to be admitted in campus, now that am in, why study?’ This attitude has dearly cost us good grades and efforts must be doubled to counter the disgrace.

Therefore, we come up with so many unspecified goals that lack accountability and study out of convenience. An avalanche of movies and TV series will keep the library at bay and soon succumb to the innate gene shared by all Kenyans; the last minute rush. Calls will be made, notes exchanged and favours cashed in a week before exams and once that cloud has passed; sit back and rewind, as I auto-delete what I have studied during the semester.

Resolution three: Shrewd financial management

This was a tough one I admit. After attending Centonomy seminars and reading through financial blogs, it dawned on me there was something amiss on how I handled money. The topics on savings cum investments always had dominance in such talks.

Let’s be realistic, what is left from a students’ budget to be saved? A normal student budget is heavily financed by HELB and incomes from side- hustles such as article writing and research assistance.

Could it be the reason why our marginal propensity to save is low is out of our consumption patterns? EABL takes pride in having the lion’s share of our financial cake; the first-runners up goes to ‘flossets’ in the name of phones, boom boxes and designer clothes; elite betting comes at second runners up and a distant fourth food and miscellaneous.

Me thinks that this resolution is frustrating to a student. Simply because of the complexities that come with investments. However, a saving culture is a good practice as a cover comes a rainy day.

Life constantly demands us to be flexible and adaptive to change. As young as we are we shouldn’t take our self too seriously when it comes to making lifestyle changes. It is expected that you may slip while at it and if it happens pick yourself up and laugh. There is nothing as much rewarding as doing something out of fun rather as a duty or under compulsion to prove something.

It’s true at times we may get intimidated by the success of our peers who have ventured into corporate and business, some have been named most influential top 40 under 40. However, each horse has its own race. Therefore when writing down your new resolutions for 2016, set specific and realistic goals; determine the steps to take to achieving them and never forget to celebrate your success between milestones.

Nothing is achieved overnight and without strain.

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