Kaz takes it all off for the Gram and the internet is watching

Famed public figure Kaz Lucas bares all for the camera once again.

The former Project Fame contestant took off her clothes to dance for the camera. As curator of ‘The SpreadPod’  podcast, a sex positive platform focused on sharing great stories about body and sex positivity Lucas is not stranger to some scandalous posts. Sexy, articulate and often outspoken the young beauty has always been keen to speak her truth.

While on vacation with friends Patricia Kihoro and “Rafiki” director Wanuri Kahiu, Kaz took to The SpreadPod Instragram private account and shared a video of her naked body twerking. The video that was posted online elicited a few responses with many shocked that she decided to post the video.

Her tattooed midrif and stretchmark adorned thighs is the ultimate ode to body positivity by the sex educator.If you were looking for some body and sex positivity, check out The Spreadpod account on Instagram.