Kansoul’s Mejja drops an educational track ‘Chuja Anthem’ advocating for clean energy

Kenyan Hip-hop star of major Kansol music group, Mejja just released ‘Chuja Anthem’ under the clean energy campaign umbrella.

Using his signature satire and comedy in his songs, he executes this particular anthem with precise creativity to explain the dangers of using unclean fuel. This clearly relates causes of fire especially in slum setups and the negative effect these have on the environment too; not to mention its effects on the ordinary mwananchi.  The track’s release comes in the wake of news bulletins covering fires in different slums and market areas all too often in Kenya.

The campaign running under ‘Chuja Party’ with the slogan ‘Chama Cha Usalama Jikoni. Amua!’ hope to stir change when it comes to using unclean fuels. The anthem is advocating for abandoning charcoal, kerosene, firewood and illegal gas which are considered major causes of disease and death.

Saving the environment and preserving life is a great cause and you can always sign the Chuja Petition to be part of this noble agenda.

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This article was first posted on Mdundo.