K.OT exposes poor security in JKUAT’s Juja campus, as students stage protest

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology is an institution of higher learning with serious problems.

According to reports from Twitter, students have come out to reveal a poor state of security within one of Kenya’s most prestigious campuses. The tweets that went viral under the hashtag #StopKillingJKUATStudents surfaced online after a young female student was brutally attacked and died. According to local reports, “the first year girl is said to have been stabbed to death on Thursday night at around 7.00 pm at Seagull Hotel. However, events that led to the incident still remain unclear.”

Students took to the online platform Twitter to share their opinions on the rising insecurity.

Some students raised concerns on the poor security provided by the Administration Police as well as campus security. Poorly organized and pushing an alternate agenda, the security forces have been unable to keep the students safe in and around the institution. Students exposed the incompetence of the security forces, sharing the strategies of the cops who they alleged are a corrupt unit.

The protests that were planned late in the night of 7.02.2018 were a reaction to the increased killings of students of Jomo Kenyatta University. The Juju campus has seen a rise in insecurity over the years, with many thieves targetting students in the night on their way into and out of class. Many students for their safety with the wave of crime hitting the campus.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Victoria Ngumi is yet to share a statement on the killing of the freshman as well as the poor state of the campus security at the time of the publishing this article.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology was established in 1994 and has 6 hotels within its campus.

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