K.O.T reacts to C.S Mucheru appointing a dead man and later his wife into office

Kenya and its people never cease to amaze, and with lackluster leadership, it is no wonder that the nation that was once a top tier powerhouse on the continent, is now a struggling economy with high unemployment rates and staggering levels of dissatisfaction among its people.

Information and Communications Technology CS Joe Mucheru has grabbed the attention of the outspoken members of K.O.T with news of him appointing a dead man who went by the name Robert Kochalle to the Kenya Film and Classification Board. The incident caused an uproar when Mucheru went on to appoint Kochalle’s widow in his place after realising he appointed a dead man to the board. According to a report on The Daily Nation, “in a special Gazette notice dated October 18, Mr. Mucheru appointed Charity Kochalle to the office he had assigned her late husband Robert.”

But based on the reactions of many from the Twitterverse, this might just indicate a larger syndicate that enables more corruption, impunity and deteriorating living standards for the citizenry.

The outrage sparked by the appointment attributed to the high levels of unemployment among the youth. With thousands of graduates leaving institutions of higher learning, to find no jobs within the current employment structure is worrisome for many.

According to a World Bank report, Kenya’s youth unemployment situation is particularly serious. For instance, in the period 1998-2005, aggregate unemployment fell from 15% to 12.5%, but the share of the youth in unemployment rose from 60% to 72 %. And the rate of joblessness is almost 40% of youth or an estimated 5.2 million young adults. This is double the adult average of 21 percent.

Though it is not clear what steps will be taken to correct the matter, Mucheru is under pressure to resign.


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