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Justin and Hailey Bieber could be releasing a his & hers beauty venture

Justin and Hailey Bieber could release a joint beauty range.

The 22-year-old model tried to trademark Bieber Beauty earlier this year but was unable to because her singer husband owns the rights to his surname and they both have ideas how one another could use the company tag for different endeavors.

Hailey said: “Everybody thought the name was already taken, but actually my husband owns it. I couldn’t register it myself, because Justin owns all trademarking for his last name. Honestly, that was more about being proactive. I’m not sure how I want to dip into that space and it’s been a conversation between me and my husband.

“He thinks that’s a space I should explore and I think it’s actually a space that he could explore men’s-wise.”

And when she does eventually launch her side of a beauty business, Hailey wants to work on skincare, rather than cosmetics because make-up is such a “saturated space”.

She told Australia’s Vogue magazine: “I’d probably start with skincare and body,” she said. “I’m such a big skin person and I love being in the sun and I love body lotion and hair products. I would probably go that way first before I would do make-up. Kylie’s done such a great job with what she’s doing with her brand [Kylie Cosmetics], Rihanna is doing such a great job with what she’s doing with her brand [Fenty Beauty by Rihanna]. Then you’ve got Pat McGrath Labs and Charlotte Tilbury – it’s a very saturated space.”

However, the blonde beauty won’t be rushing into the range any time soon.

She added: “I’ve definitely done some silent research.

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“I haven’t talked about this with anybody yet: I don’t want to step into a space if I don’t think I can necessarily bring something different to the table. I want to take my time. It should come about organically and I only want to make things I would love myself.

“Kylie’s been so successful because she made products that she actually really, really loves herself, and people love her taste.”

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