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Jobs Alert: 10 sectors that job seekers need to keenly watch

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Dear job seeker,

On your job search, you will need to be prepared for factors/events affecting your job search other than job market conditions. In this issue of Jobs news, we feature industries likely to experience job expansion in coming months, as well as two non-job market factors that will affect your job search this year.

1. HELB Clearance Soon to be a Requirement for the Private Sector

The Higher Education Loans Board  will soon require you to get clearance before gaining employment in public as well as public companies. Your potential employer will be required to screen you and report on your status. All job seekers will now have to pay Kshs 1000 to get HELB clearance whether or not they have HELB loans and employers will be fined Ksh 3000 per month for not reporting your status. But the key thing to note here is that HELB already charges a penalty of Ksh 5000 per month against all graduates who do not start repaying their loans after the one-year grace period upon graduation. This means that you have only 12 months to secure a job upon graduation. The average graduate takes 16 months. Jobseeking by Trial and Error is not a cheap undertaking, it seems.

2. New Laws on Labour

The Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution has proposed amendments to the Employment Act aimed at inducing employers to hire all employees full time or face severance pay penalties if contract employees quit or are released after a year of work. This could mean an expansion in permanent work contracts or the increase of short-term contracts that run only up to 11 months. It could also mean an almost guaranteed conversion of short-term contracts into long term ones at the one-year mark.  The outcome will depend on a cost-benefits analysis by employers. Why should this be of concern to you, job seeker? Not only do you need to understand how to get a job, you need to understand how to quickly cement your position at a company to secure that job. This is part of the training offered in job mentor courses.

On jobs in Kenya this week:

3. The Billions in Milk

In past weeks, there has been news of rising purchase prices for raw milk and intense competition among milk packaging companies to secure their milk supply. Now comes the news that billionaires Dangote, Kamani and Merali have all put billions into the milk industry in Kenya. The Dangote investment is of particular significance as he aims to produce dried milk which, you can bet, will be largely exported back to West Africa where fresh milk is the anomaly and dried milk the standard. Jobs, jobs, jobs and not just in milk processing but also logistics, operations management, finance and accounting, marketing, machinery, you name it.

4. Ever Heard of Verifone?

Yes, no, maybe. They are a California-based company that makes point-of-sale terminals. They are currently hiring managers to help them expand their Mobile money business. Managers will lead efforts in customer relationships, territory sales and merchant acquisition. Managers need staff, of course. Hint, hint. Also, note that this industry has received recent attention from other global firms including Ericsson and SWIFT.

5. Diaspora Remittances

WorldRemit, a UK company, has raised Sh9.13 billion to fund a project that will facilitate the transfer of diaspora remittances directly into M-Pesa Accounts. The race for diaspora money is on. Banks such as KCB, Equity and Family Bank have also launched and continue to launch services targeted towards the diaspora. Other players gearing up for competition include Moneygram, Western Union, Nationhela and M-Pesa itself. The easier flow of remittances back into Kenya will open up jobs not only in these firms, but also in the industries where this money ends up, especially investments, real estate, retail etc. As we often advice, follow the money, find the jobs.

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