Jay-Z expands his empire with Puma

Rapper, mogul, and husband Jay-Z is expanding his empire.

The New York native is reportedly now the President of Basketball Operations for Puma. Releasing a revolutionary album in 2017 dubbed “4:44,”  Sean Carter is again ahead of the pack with a new deal with Puma. Giving direction for basketball operations, his job description could involve creating a new vision of Puma’s basketball attire, leveraging cultural connections for noteworthy campaign collaborations and maximize sales ahead of its aggressive Puma Basketball relaunch.

The epitome of black excellence, Jay-Z who is currently on tour with his wife Beyonce is set to begin work with the iconic brand soon.  In an official brief, it was confirmed ” Jay-Z’s official designation is Creative Director,” Adam Petrick, global director of marketing and brand for Puma, told ESPN. “It’s clear that we’re looking at basketball through the lens of culture, and thinking about the fashion of basketball, the music of basketball — all the aspects of the culture around basketball, all the aspects of the culture around basketball as much as the on-court presence that we will have,” Petrick said.

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