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Is formal employment really enough or is it time for a side hustle?

What happens when a formal job is not enough? then it is time for a side hustle.

A dear friend of mine was thriving in one lucrative NGO firm. The kind of job that sends you abroad, rents you a lavish apartment, fuels your decent vehicle and gets you a title in gichagi (rural home).

Regrettably, long hard eight years later, budget cuts sent her packing. With no regards whatsoever neither for the hard work nor the infinite sacrifices put into the organization.

Feelings? Frustration, more so betrayal.

This takes us to the realization that your job is never guaranteed. One time you are the acclaimed epitome of excellence and the next, you are out in the cold laid off for one reason or other. Which then brings us to plan B, the side hustle.

What’s unfortunate, is that we are running in an era that not only plaudits but holds in high regard the desk, suit, and tie, 8-5 job. From high school, young adults are fixated on chasing that job in that big lucrative origination with little thought of the question how long? How long till my degree is termed not enough? My diploma and masters? More so, what would you turn to in a worst-case scenario?

As it stands it is irrefutable how important it is to start and run own business; something other than formal employment. A solid source of revenue that can sustain not only you but your family as well. Think about it, basic needs, food, shelter, fees, and health besides income from formal employment.

There is a necessity for the youth to understand that the situation, (unemployment) is not getting any better, regardless of the endless promises by the government and foreign investors. More so, we are in an ailing economy where our education is becoming redundant.

There is a need to recognize that the exclusive redemption there is, lies in self-employment. We can and sadly have talked endlessly, pointed fingers and played the blame game all to well and yet no solution has been found. We still cry foul, bitterly, serikali saidia.

Hence as it stands, it is crystal clear that we all need to play our roles if we are to bring this menace to its knees. A joint effort from all parties who include, parents and the youth.

Families need to drop the act. This misconception and prestige around attending university have been around for far too long poison that has encouraged the churning out of millions of graduates in the already saturated job market.

Parents need to comprehend that from high school they stand as mentors and the primary advisors to the youth. That they are the key people to bring a difference to the circumstance as it stands. By encouraging and supporting business ideas and other non-conventional sources of incomes, then kids can be confident in their resolutions to pursue other possible business adventures other than the kawaida doctor, business, journalism, accounting, and insurance.

Lastly, the youth need to be open-minded. Think outside the box. Find mentors in lines of interests, read and learn how businesses work and function.

Start and join chamas learn about finances and then start. Work to get that chum. The earlier these thoughts are not only entertained but worked upon for the better.

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