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How to use the 5 Ps of Marketing in Self Branding

Whether we like it or not, we are always judged by how we present ourselves. In meetings, job interviews or dates, people will label you depending on how you present yourself. If you are a product, who will buy you? What is your unique selling point and proposition? When pitching yourself to others, always present the best of you. How better to do this, than to borrow from the legendary successful 5 Ps of Marketing? Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People

1. Product

Don’t be just a product, be the best product available. Find within yourself that single thing; or even better, things that make you stand out from the rest in the room. Look at how you can benefit people. The best product to invest in is one that offers a long term return and you should strive to be like that.

2. Price

This goes beyond a salary. Ever heard of the saying “Time is money?” You need to ask yourself, “I’m I easily accessible?” Does a potential connection have to call you through your mom’s phone before they can reach you? If time is money, how much ‘money’ do you waste by lazing around or watching movies and series? You need to quantify your time. If you don’t value your time, don’t expect other to respect your time.

3. Place

You need to position yourself at the right place and time.  If you’re a professional, are you part of its association? Are you part of the professional LinkedIn group? If you’re not in these circles, then your placing is wrong! Start attending those conferences and seminars that relate to your profession. Mingle and form a network of these people, be at the forefront of what is happening in your career world.Promotion

4. Promotion

Have you ever looked at an advertisement and thought…”hmmm…that’s an ugly advert, I wonder how bad the product is?” Now picture a potential lead or employer thinking that way about you. How do you make it better? Work on your professional dressing and be clear on how you put your points across. Never let anyone get disconnected from what you’re saying just because you couldn’t support your point with facts. The same way an advert pulls you to the product which you’ll later recommend to somebody else is the very same way an impressed audience will recommend you.

Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

5. People

Finally, you need to know people. Connections don’t just come by themselves. You have to step out there and network with individuals that can be potential leads or references. With the emergence of online marketing, a new metric was born; engagement. Your people won’t have any impact on your career if you do not keep them engaged in your life. It doesn’t have to be on a daily basis but an occasional email or phone call can go a long way. Engage with your people and you’ll be at the front of their mind.

Take five minutes to assess your personal 5Ps and do a self-evaluation of yourself as a product. Can you sell? If not, then it is a high time you make the necessary improvements.

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