How to play Smart and Sexy


Dear lady,

No man can force you to be pregnant. You have the right to keep your legs closed, the right to insist that he uses a condom, the right to use contraceptives, the right to say NO. Use your right, because if he is not serious about you, he will leave you pregnant, he will leave you with pain and challenges to bear alone.

Don’t use sex to keep a man who will leave you as soon as you conceive and when in a stable marriage, a child will not be despised. When the two of you are not ready, the child/children will bring strain in your marriage. Your womb is the home of your young one, you decide when that young one will come home. Help the man you allow inside you to be a good father. One, by making sure he is the right man to enter your amazing world; and two, planning when he makes you a mother.


Dear man,

No woman can force you to be a father, no woman can trap you by getting your child. You know how loaded the gun between your legs is, you decide which target you shoot and when you shoot.

You know very well that when you use your naked gun in her without a condom or contraceptive, chances are you might become a father. So why do you tell her it’s her fault when she gets pregnant? Why do you abandon her when she conceives your child? A real man is responsible with his gun, his power is not in how hard his gun can get but how responsible he is with his hard gun and its bullets.

Even as a husband, talk with your wife about contraceptives, decide on a contraceptive, plan your family, offer leadership. Children should bless your marriage, not cause strain. Help her to be a good mother by making her a mother when you are ready to be a father!

By Dayan Masinde

Capital Lifestyle

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