How to get back into the groove of things this 2020

Holidays are over and it is nine days into 2020, therefore, it is time to hit reset on that work button.

The task of getting back on the saddle is tricky because of something I’d call holiday’s hangover. The transition from sleeping, binge-watching movies to being out and about basically anything other than work, proves getting back on the horse a tad bit tricky, frustrating even.

With deadlines and output evaluation from bosses and supervisors, the holiday hangover could get you cornered and in a fix.

Funny thing is, you never know how bad it really is until you are four blank word documents in, knee-deep in useless banter, three hours in Instagram stalking and Facebook surfing until it hits you that you have done completely nothing.

So what do you do to work through this holiday hangover during work and before work?

1. Music

Yes, we are keeping them simple. The idea is to ease into the mood of work and the groove of getting things done and getting them done right.  So get your headphones or earphones out and listen to some familiar music. The type that makes you happy while singing along. Somewhere after the third song, you will find your way back home.

2. Reviewing Tasks

Get to your email inbox and go through the tasks done right before the holiday breaks. Read through them lightly see what you did and the achievement that was. This is best done in while still at home to get you into the work mood. Ease into it, three or two days to your reporting day.

3. Schedule

Write your day’s tasks out in your diary. Account for every two hours or hour depending on the tasks lined up for the day. This way you have yourself to account to plus you can always move the tasks around. Putting the fun ones or easier ones in the afternoons while the serious ones that require a little more concentration earlier in the mornings.

4. Wake up early

Set your alarm right three-four days before you resume to work. Get your system up and running right before the actual hustle starts. These hours can be used to do the work evaluation spoken of earlier which also allows you more than enough time to fight the holiday hangover off.

Getting back to work is no fun especially after long holidays filled with a tone of fun. But we can all agree that the faster ones snaps out of the holiday haze and gets back to work the better the chances are to have a more wholesome month.

Staying in the funk for too long eventually does more harm than good, so get to work!

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