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How a Housekeeper Ruined My Valentines Day

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The annoying beeps of my bedside alarm-clock forced me out of my deep sleep.  .

“Why did I have to take two bottles of Guinness last night?” I groaned, sitting up on my bed with the blue duvet disarrayed over my weak body. “Oh, right,” I remembered suddenly, the long conversation with Karen, my neighbor. She always loved coming to my place. It wasn’t her fault anyway. My room was better equipped than those of other first year dudes. A 21 Inch TV, a cosy couch and a Sony stereo system. Karen always showed up to watch soaps at night. And she always came wearing those mini shorts. The way we kept flirting, it would only be a matter of time before something happened…

A scramble to prepare for classes began: I remembered that it was Valentines morning. I didn’t even have a girlfriend. Great! I didn’t have enough money too. There were only thirty minutes left to my first lesson. Following a quick, hot shower, I got dressed in cool jeans, a white button-shirt over which I threw on a black cotton coat. Picking up my bag, I rushed to the Kahawa Wendani stage to pick a matatu to KU.

I darted for the lecture hall, cutting across the pavements and reaching Ole Moiyoi Lecture Halls within minutes. I walked up the spiral staircase to the second floor. After taking a few confused turns I finally found my class. The wide double-doors of iron were open, and when I walked inside I noticed that the hall was already half-full. With a quick look around, I took a seat on one of the back rows.

Not many other students showed up and the class remained half-full. At around five minutes before nine the lecturer walked in. I got a profile view of her. She was new and I quickly guessed she was stepping in for our lecturer. Nice. .

Writing her name Dr. Elizabeth Kauma on the blackboard, she turned to face the class and began arranging her notes upon the lectern. She had a very graceful figure and looked so gorgeous in her sleek, light-maroon dress suit. It had trimmings of black at the sleeves, pockets, and hem, with circular white buttons running down on the right side. Her matching dress was a little bit provocative, ending just above her knees and neatly covering her thighs.

I leaned out of my chair to snatch a better view.

“Ooh, what sexy legs!” I whispered to myself.

Her curvy legs were like fine solid cream with all the perfect outlines. She wore a pair of black, high-heels. My eyes scanned for a wedding ring: none! (like I had a chance…) Suddenly, the twinkle of jewelry caught my attention and my eyes were drawn to a golden bracelet circling her left wrist.

She really has a sense of style, I felt..

Dr. Kauma’s face was as striking as her body: full cheeks with a dab of red on each, the narrow, high forehead of a model, with a few curls of ebony black hair hanging down to her clear eyes. Her thick curls fell past her shoulders, and I could just make out a pair of tiny shiny earrings behind that voluminous hair.

“Welcome to Macroeconomic Theory, I will be filling in for your lecturer.” Her voice had a slight accent (British) and it was firm yet feminine. It possessed a calm eloquence. “In this course we will be covering major areas of Industrial Sector demand. She went on talking, but I didn’t pay much attention to her words as much as I did to her movements, so she studied abroad? Even cooler.

Her fine curls of hair, those luscious lips and her beautiful figure. I don’t know when it began, but as I stared at the gorgeous lecturer—my eyes fixed on her every movement—I imagined us engaged in a steamy romp.

Dr.Kauma continued addressing the class, pacing the room as the heels of her expensive shoes clicked against the floor. She didn’t care whether people were listening or not. In a ‘Take it or leave it kind of approach.’ I liked it.

As I gazed around the class I had to hold back the urge to burst out laughing. Almost everyone was following her with rapt attention. Some of the guys leaned in close and whispered among themselves, stopping every few seconds to look at Dr. Kauma and smile before resuming their conversations. The girls were clearly distressed and insecure over having such an enchanting lecturer.

One of the guys sitting behind me had his mouth and eyes gaping. A cute red-haired girl sitting one seat over on my right noticed the drooling boy as well; she turned her face away in disgust, looking at me and shaking her head.

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