‘Hotel Diablo’ rapper Machine Gun Kelly reveals he grew up in Kenya in his younger years

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly grew up in Kenya.

The ‘Hotel Diablo’ rapper was born to missionary parents with whom he traveled the world as a young boy. As his folks moved the family about spreading the gospel, they lived in Egypt, Kenya, and Germany according to a recent interview on GQ. 29-year-old lyricist Richard Colson Baker also shared that he could speak Arabic due to the family’s stints abroad. He said, “I grew up in Egypt until I was five or six old…Egypt and Kenya. And then we moved to Germany for a bit, then I came to the United States and was apparently speaking Arabic to everybody.”

In the 6-minute video, Machine Gun Kelly goes undercover on various social media platforms including Reddit, Quora, Wikipedia, Twitter and Instagram where he answers questions posed by fans. He addresses his most recent movie cameos on ‘BirdBox’, the indie film ‘Big Time Adolescence’ and speaks about other projects slated for 2020 release.

The Texas-born hip hop star also reminisced on his first few jobs including a mind-numbing job in the fast-food chain Chipotle. In the interview, he pointed out his slow rise as a rapper was made worse by friends who returned from college while he worked a minimum wage job, they made it clear that his growth was disappointing at the time. He went on to say, “I look back on those days fondly if I never have to smell hot stemming sour cream. Coz I had to wash the dishes and ‘Mrs. Officer’ by Lil Wayne was always playig on the radio, so I will never forget. Everytime I hear that song, I can smell sour cream. It’s gross.”

Machine Gun Kelly is known for his controversial views and lyrical prowess. According to a prior post on The Sauce, Machine Gun Kelly attacked the lyrical legend Eminem even dedicating a diss track ‘Rap Devil‘ to address fans who compared him to Detriot rapper Eminem. Needless to say, Eminem buried Kelly in his response ‘Not Alike’, but Kelly gained notoriety for even trying to go head to head with the 15-time Grammy winner Eminem. Kelly’s track also popularized the term #LetsTalkAboutIt which became a trending hashtag on Twitter.


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