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Capital Campus is the ultimate University portal for Kenyan students where you get important information about whats happening in our campuses and in the career field.



The Capital Campus logo says what we are about:


We exist to provide pertinent information to students in institutions of higher learning in Kenya. Information is power and making the right choices involves having the right information. Capital Campus provides an interactive platform for students to get information through articles, photos, videos and downloads.





We are not only concerned about knowledge and information, but about the people that consume the information. The digital age allows the consumers to also become producers of information and vice versa. Capital Campus is a social site, allowing students to interact with each other, and ya..we cover student social events. Thought its important to mention that.





Seeking knowledge is not an end in itself. We all want to pursue a career and Capital Campus is here to give you up to date information about your preferred career. We point to the right direction so that you can make informed choices. We also aim to paint an accurate picture of the work place so that students are not shocked when they get their first job, and also save employers some orientation time.




We live in an increasingly networked world. We are interested in what is happening to Kenyan students in the diaspora. Are we facing the same issues? what are they doing different? What are the opportunities out there? etc. We will be regularly updating news on whats happening in other parts of the world so as to learn from the diversity, and hopefully we will offer something the diaspora can learn from us.




The best part of Capital Campus is that you have a say in what goes into the website. You can send articles, photos and videos of what you think is interesting.


Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the team? drop us an email: campus@capitalfm.co.ke





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