Harmonize put on blast by Stivo Simple Boy in light of new release ‘Hainistui’

It just might be the year for WCB Wasafi breakaway Harmonize aka Konde Boy, but he is having a hard time shaking off some scandals.

After a tumultuous 2019, Harmonize is eager to move on to bigger and better in 2020. The Bongo star has released a couple of releases to kick off January right. ‘Hainistui’ was released on January 3rd under the Konde Music label. However, it seems that the new release has already landed Konde Boy in some trouble.

Mdundo reported fast-rising Kenyan musician Stivo Simple Boy has claimed Harmonize did not seek permission to use his phrase ‘Unauma but itabidi uzoe’  in the new release.

In an Instagram post, Stivo Simple boy and Byzzo claimed their fans had been complaining that Harmonize had stolen contents of their song. The duo noted that they had inquired with their management, and an investigation has been launched regarding the same.

“Mafans wananipigia simu, wananitumia message wakisema eti ngoma yetu imeibiwa na Harmonize. Byzzo vile vile anapigiwa simu anaulizwa eti ngoma yetu imeibiwa na Harmonize,” Simple Boy said.

“Na kutoka sisi tu upload hiyo ngoma, hakuna mtu yeyote ashawahi tuomba ruhusa ya kutumia hiyo ngoma. Hata tumeongea na management yetu, tumewauliza kama kuna communication yeyote ilifanyika but wamesema hakuna though wanendelea kuchunguza,”Byzzo reiterated.

In his latest single ‘Hainistui’, Harmonize concludes by using the phrase ‘Inauma but itabidii wazoee’.

At the time of publishing this article, neither Harmonize nor his management has issued a statement on the said claims. It is yet to be seen if Stivo Simple Boy will find a resolution to the matter.

In other news, Rayvanny seems to be having a great start to the year. The father of one has released a new jam dubbed ‘Zipo’ featuring  South African sensation Busiswa and Baba Levo according to Mdundo.

‘Zipo’, is a dance song, and the video was shot inside a commuter train in Tanzania. Rayvanny noted that the idea to shoot the song on a train was weird but ended up being successful. Just 12 hours after it premiered, the song has already managed over 162,000 views on Youtube.

#ZipoChallenge has also elicited massive reactions online, with fans recording and sharing their videos attempting to emulate the dance style used in the song.

Judging by the current statistics and warm reception, ‘Zipo’ is surely going to be a major hit in the East African region.

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