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Gospel singers Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat admit and apologize after sex scandal emerged

Gospel singers HopeKid and DK Kwenye Beat have fallen short of the glory of God.

Popular Kenyan gospel singers HopeKid and DK Kwenye Beat have been caught up in a rather disturbing sex scandal. After the story spread like wildfire on social media the two had no choice to admit their wrongdoing, apologize on social media and of course, ask for prayers.

This was a shocker to many of their fans who rever the singers as ‘men of God’ and role models. The apologies, however, seemed to fuel the fire online rather than die it down, aside from being trolled, many questioned their characters, many wondering whether they are only sorry that they got caught and asking if they apologized to the young lady or if they are helping her out.


DK Kwenye Beat also made his apology, publishing it via Facebook. In the heartfelt apology, the public figure who was referred to as “Yokozuna” online, proclaimed that “I am not a perfect man but God is working on me every day.”

According to a yet to be identified 20-year-old woman from Nakuru revealed how she had a threesome sexual encounter with the artists and even contracted Herpes from one of the artists on a group chat.

The young lady explains that she started direct messaging on Instagram with Mr. X who was later identified as HopeKid in regards to her music career and they arranged to meet. When she got to Nairobi Mr. X and Y who was identified as DK Kwenye Beat picked her up and they went to the latter’s house.

It is at DK Kwenye Beat’s house that the girl alleges that she had made out with Hopekid but said she was uncomfortable with DK being around so they moved to the bedroom, had intercourse with Hopekid while DK was watching and DK then went ahead to have sex with her too.

A few weeks later, she had unprotected sex with the “Asusu” singer who had claimed he had issues with his fiancee who allegedly worked ‘abroad’. The girl narrates that after the unprotected sex encounter, she got the symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection which included blisters around her private parts, tests confirmed that she had contracted HPV, a cervical cancer-causing virus and later Herpes. When she told Mr. Y he wasn’t at all surprised, couldn’t have cared less and stopped picking her calls.

The college girl also gave background that she had been brought up in a Christian family but had a traumatic childhood which included being sexually assaulted at the age of 6, hating herself, being suicidal and is addicted to cutting herself.

Such cases are not unheard of in the entertainment industry, RnB singer Usher Raymond was last year sued for infecting a woman with Herpes. ‘Two and a half men’ actor Charlie Sheen was sued for infecting his partner with HIV and most recently, in the infamous  ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary it was revealed that the ‘King of RnB’ infected one of his numerous sexual partners with Herpes.

In this day and age, the nonsensical notions that as an upcoming singer or just as a female, sleeping with a celebrity is an achievement or will help you get ahead, no it won’t. Also as a male celebrity, sleeping with numerous women does not make you a champion and the fame does not make you a sex magnet.

As men and women, we should all take responsibility for our sexual relationships and health celebrity or not. Let the stupid infatuations stop because, at the end of the day, these celebs go through the same life hurdles like any other person. They get sick, lose their loved ones, make mistakes and even cry, they are not special, they just live their lives in the spotlight and have ‘more money’ than an average person. Stop idolizing celebrities like they can do no wrong, some have herpes, they are weird, have family issues, some are broke and some can’t keep it in their pants.


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