Google 2018 ‘how to’ searches in Kenya reveal a more business minded society

The end of 2018 is here, and Google has a lot of news.

Kenya’s top searched personalities have been listed. And here they are:

1.Sharon Otieno – The university student who died a gruesome death became the focus on the nation, as her sponsor Governor Obado underwent investigation for her murder. The young woman who was pregnant at the time lead searches online, as many sought out information on her life and untimely death.

2. Miguna Miguna – Politician and author became the center of controversy as he was deported from the country. Known for his lively protest, “I am not boarding,”  his words became a popular term among Kenyans.

3. Jackie Maribe – Found dead in her house, well-established businesswoman Jackie Maribe became the victim of a plot still unknown to many. Killed by her alleged lover Jowie Irungu, the murder case of Jackie Maribe is still ongoing.

4. Babu Owino – This politician’s actions are always controversial

5.Kanze Dena – TV anchor turned State House spokesperson garnered attention for an unexpected career move. Her teary televised fairwell trended for days.

Top Trending “How To” in Kenya included:

1. How to file nil returns?
2. How to check KCPE results?
3. How to write an application letter?
4. How to make money online?
5. How to file KRA returns?
6. How to get pregnant?
7. How to make pancakes?
8. How to write a report?
9. How to lose weight faster?
10. How to start a business?

But worldwide, the searches were mostly positive. How to be a good dancer, singer, kisser, role model was among the top searched items in 2018. Check out what the world searched for:

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