Four signs your ex is dating someone else

Are you wondering whether your ex found love again?

There are different reasons that can lead to breakups. He or she might have decided to walk away from your life because he or she never treasured you. Some shed tears while moving away from you while others laugh. If you are wondering why your ex decided to go silent after some time then read on.

Here are four signs your ex is dating someone else:

1. You’ve heard about it

Has someone told you that your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is dating someone else? Well, every rumor has some element of truth to it. If you have heard some rumors, chances are that your ex-decided to find love again. Nonetheless, it is better not to dwell on the rumors, instead  live your best life.

2. He or she goes missing in action
Silence speaks volumes. If your ex who once spoke to you every now and again goes silent, there are chances that the woman or man moved on a long time ago. When he or she decided to go silent it shows he or she is dating someone or at least considering it. The attention he/she used to give you in past has given to their new beau. However, use this time to invest in yourself. You might not be the focus of his/her attention anymore, but you could be the focus of your own affections.

3. It’s a different vibe
The dynamics between exes can be estranged, or undefined especially if one of the two parties involved wants to get back together. We are often connected to our exes in one way or another. When the vibe between the two changes, it might be an indication that the relationship has indeed changed. It’s not a must that you have to see with your own eyes that she is dating so that you can believe.

4.Changes his/her social media
Social media is one of the places many people go to air out their feelings. Many who are heartbroken often dedicate a series of posts to share their feelings and seek support from their Facebook friends. Facebook does not dictate anything but if your ex changes his/her status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ that is indication enough that things have changed. It exactly means that he/she have decided to move on with his life from you.

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