Foul-mouthed Consolata School boy shocks K.O.T after video of him goes viral

Twitter is on fire this morning after a video of a Consolata schoolboy abusing and threatening a fellow schoolmate went viral.

The school boy ‘s rant begins with him revealing that he is on the rooftop of his penthouse, then goes ahead to mercilessly abuse a schoolmate called Nikita using some unprintable words. The reason being that he was called gay by this Nikita girl and therefore, he was raining abuses to warn her that he was not to be messed with.

In the 4 minutes long video, the shockingly vulgar pupil who comes from a well off family also went ahead to talk down to his schoolmate for being ‘poor’ as she lives in Kibera, in a loan paid home and is driven a rented car. The video ends with the yet to be identified schoolboy threatening to come for Nikita by burning her school books and shoot her on the forehead.

The schoolboy later issued a half-hearted apology when the video went viral saying that he was hurt and only trying to get back at Nikita for labelling him gay in school as well as clarified that he does not own a gun. He continued to say that he was sorry for using offensive language in the video.

According to information doing rounds on social media, the boy is allegedly being raised by a single parent in an abusive home,  his mother is an alcoholic with a West African boyfriend and apparently has to fend for himself. He is allegedly violent and has a habit of smashing people’s windscreens if crossed.

The matter which is a top trending topic on Twitter has Kenyans on Twitter divided with many appalled by the boy’s crude language against a fellow pupil and blaming the parents and teachers for not raising him well. Others called for his expulsion or some sort of punishment for exhibiting such behaviours on social media.

Others thought that the boy was not entirely to blame for the squabble as he was responding to ‘insults’ against him by a fellow bully and therefore he did what he had to do. Some tweeps said Nikita should also apologize for bullying the boy as well.

This recent video and trend on social media questions parents and teachers ability to mould law-abiding as well as morally upright children. It also puts the digital world we live in into perspective.

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