Former street urchin Patrick Hinga who was rescued by his former classmate passes on

Patrick Hinga the former street urchin who was rescued by a former schoolmate has died.

Wanja Mwaura, the childhood friend who helped transform Mr. Hinga’s life from street life and drug addiction, announced the death on social media on Sunday evening (17.03.19).

“With deep sorrow, I want to inform you that Hinga has rested. He passed on this morning. I do not have the strength to say much right now. Rest in peace, my friend,” her Facebook post read.

A report by Nairobi News narrates that in early October 2017 Ms. Wanja, was on her way to the market in Lower Kabete, Nairobi, when she heard someone shout out her name. She looked up and was surprised to see a tall man with bulging eyes, an emaciated frame, dirtied black overalls, and Hinga introduced himself. Standing before her was a friend she had known since she was seven years old.

Wanja shared their story on social media and that is how Hinga was introduced to Kenyans for the first time as a destitute man in the streets of Wangige Town. Kenyans were amazed by Ms. Wanja’s commitment as she launched an appeal that saw Hinga undergo a rehabilitation programme at the Chiromo Lane Medical Centre. He successfully completed the programme in May 2018 and the hospital waived a Kshs 149,000 bill.

Born on September 15, 1983, Hinga attended Ndararua Primary School in Kabete and sat his KCPE exams in 1998 where he scored 447 marks out of 700. He was admitted to Uthiru High School, then a provincial school, in 1999.

It has been reported that Hinga’s involvement with drugs started when he was in the final year of primary school after friends introduced him to the lifestyle. When his teachers discovered that Hinga was doing drugs, he was immediately expelled in Form Two. This was the beginning of a downward spiral towards the path of ruin that would see him hit the streets.

In August 2018, however, it is reported that Hinga had a relapse and was spotted at Wangige Market in Kabete where a few people tried to reach out to him, including his former classmate.

The cause of Hinga’s death is yet to be revealed. Keep it The Sauce for more information.

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