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Female DJ at UoN mixing books and playlists

Her real name is Tabitha Nyambura Githere, but she also answers to DJ Tabbz. As a law student at UoN’s Parklands Campus during the better part of her day and also a part time DJ, Tabbz schedule is quite packed, but she has managed to balance the turntable and law books. How has she done it?

DJ Tabbz says she has never thought of being a DJ during her early stages of life.

When she was in form two at State House Girls High School, she realized that her hidden passion is DJaying. System Unit inspired her when they visited her school in 2008.

“I just became passionate then I started developing that career in my mind.” DJ Tabbz recalls.

DJ Tabbz attributes her love to being a gospel music wizard to her Christian faith. She says she was and still is a member of the Christian Union. Moreover, she adds that she wanted to be a DJ in order to use it as a weapon in her Christian battle.

“I am saved, that’s why I chose gospel,” Tabbz clarifies.

Despite her efforts in all the fields, DJ Tabbz assures that various challenges never cease coming on her way.

“DJaying is not easy at all,” she says

Tabitha now has to set aside her social life to concentrate on her DJeeing passion and class work.

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“In my class of 200 students, I only know 5 students.” She says.

That was shocking though but education and finances turned out to be the major problems that she is struggling hard to fight.

Tabitha is driven by a vision that keeps her going, even in turbulent times.

“My aim is to become the best female DJ,” she said. “I am catching up very well in the gospel industry.”

She is also quite focused on becoming one of the best lawyers in the country.

Tabitha says her parents are supportive of her ‘hobby’ never stop reminding her on her studies.

“My parents are heaven sent. They support me and I love my Dad for that.”

However hard she says her job is Tabitha still struggles to balance with school work that is done during the day.

“I don’t get much cash but what I get I use it for my upkeep and maybe little stuffs for school.” she explained.

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The 2nd year student has been nominated for awards in which will take place on the 18th August 2012.

Among others competing are DJ Kristi, DJ Touch, DJ Jiji, DJ Pinky, DJ Annie among others.

DJ Tabbz has performed in Kitale, Cross connect shows, Maseno Uni and many other gigs.

Tabitha feels that she is honored to be one of few female DJs and is confident that she can be better than other male DJs.




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