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So I’ve had one of those weekends that has you reevaluating everything about your life. It’s been loooong to say the least, and I’m happy its over lol even if it is leading to exam week. Starting today. As I type this post at 3am lol.

Glad to be posting though 😀 Quick catch up – this is my last eeek of school for the year and I’m soooo excited! Mainly because it meams I’ll have some time to breathe finally really start getting into some vlogging. The big V word in my life lol.

I’ve been practising talking into my camera a lot over the past few weeks and I’m sort of getting comfortable with it. Hopefully I’ll have the nerve to vlog my birthday lunch situation to share with you guys

Which brings me to my next point – Happy Birthday Month to me 🎉🎉:D:D I turn the big 2 3  this month and it’s got me all jumbled up with emotions. Loots of important lessons being learnt by yours truly about getting my shit things together and learning to take care of me, but I’m grateful for how far God has brought me and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds. Its the 19th btw, incase you were wondering 😀

So wish me luck with exam week, and it may mean I’m a little MIA around here this week. I just really wanted to get a post up with the new hair, whoch looks surprisingly blue in these pictures but hey, no complaints here lol.

The dress is a mini bandage dress I found at the bottom of my closet and it kinda put me in the mood to party, so I paired it with my studded jacket for a rocker feel and my chain-strap bag to toughen the whole thing up a bit.


As always, thank you for dropping by 😀 I promise to visit every single one of your blogs as soon as I survive this week. 💋💋

I’m drastically reducing the number of pictures in each post. Thoughts? 😀

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