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Facebook hook up? Never again!

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After juggling no and yes for a while, I agree. I quickly take a shower after which I rush to the stage and board a matatu.  I arrive at Zimmerman around thirty minutes later. After informing her of my arrival, she requests me to wait at the stage as she comes to pick me up. Moments later, she shows up, looking all glittering and lovely. We hug and smile at each other then she goes on to plant a huge kiss on my cheek- a gesture which triggers a surge in my testosterone levels.  I’m now certain that critically acclaimed action is going to happen once we are behind closed doors.  I follow her well molded round ass, hungrily like a dog as she leads the way.

It turns out to be a long walk but she keeps on assuring me that we’re about to arrive. She turns and smiles, displaying her perfect pearly white teeth in the process before making a quick detour into a dark alley between two buildings nearby.

“This is a shortcut Phil, we are only two minutes away!” she assures me.

I follow her into the dark alley. Out of the blue, two hooded guys approach us; they look harmless at first as they go past her. A sneaking suspicion clouds me. Shock soon follows after she whispers something to them. Before I realize what’s going on, one of the guys dives onto me with a rugby tackle that sends me tumbling to the stony ground. The other guy quickly goes ahead to pin me to the ground. He draws a dagger and orders me to stay silent or else he’ll stab me. I plead for mercy for a while before going silent, resting my fate on them.

Terror covers me in a tight grip. I stay silent as they take off my shoes and jacket. The two muggers gather all my valuables as the girl watches.  They spare only my trouser and vest. Soon afterwards, they knock me unconscious with a blunt object leaving me out cold.

I regain consciousness hours later, uncertain of how long I had been out. I pick myself up, my head aching and bleeding. I spot a Maasai watchman nearby and rush towards him to share my story. Luckily he’s a sympathetic one.

“Sorry brother, there are many thieves here nowadays. There’s a good lady in this plot who’s a doctor. She might treat you and help you call someone. Let’s go knock at her place.”

We arrive at her place and knock at the door; she opens and stares at me in shock. The watchman explains to her what happened to me, after which she lets me in. The kind lady offers me water to shower after which she nurses my head injury.

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“Sorry my son, here’s my phone, you can call someone close to you to come pick you up in the morning,” she says.

A sigh of relief, piles of regret- never a fool again.

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