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Errand Business yields handsome returns for young enterpreneurs


Do you believe that you were born to be an entrepreneur? Have you always been good at the art of multiplying whatever money you were given through business? Create in 48, an initiative of Centum Foundation was a challenge to entrepreneurs who were given seed money and were expected to make a profit within 48 hours. We caught up with team Road Runners who came in 2nd and we had a very interesting chat. Samuel Wachira and Sarah Mungai represented the team.

How did the name ‘Roadrunners’ come about?

We did not think of the name but we wanted a catchy name that would position our company in the mind of our customers. Plus we are dealing in errands, what better way than to use the word road runners literally? It’s our motto to always run and deliver efficiently and effectively.

What is the Business model?

It involves handling personal errands for clients and corporate organization. We realized that many people have errands that they want to be done for them but they are either too busy or they just don’t want to do such menial jobs. So we realized that we can venture and provide solutions to these people and that’s how the company was birthed.

How did the business concept start?

It was very simple. We started with the low lying fruits. Our family members and the circle of friends whom we asked if they had errands that needed to be run. And that’s how we realized the potential that was lying in this field. “Oh I need shopping done, I need you to drop a mail, pick a voucher,” were the frequent words we heard. That’s when it became clear to us the field we wanted to venture in. We have since met very diverse needs including booking doctor’s appointment. Who would have thought that somebody would need such a service?

The target market?

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We meet the needs of those who have the money but don’t have the time. People who are focused on certain things and, therefore, they want to get the nagging errands out of the way. They don’t want to deviate from what they are doing.

Is there any market gap that you have noticed?

Most couriers can only survive in the corporate set up. Many of them are not built to handle informal clients who can be very random and diverse. But not all of us can afford a butler, a rider but we are willing to help you regardless of where you are. whether you are a stay at home mom or a high flying business person, we will meet your needs.

How did you get to know about create in 48?

A friend of mine and I were talking about startups and entrepreneurship. We started talking about doing shopping for people. The following week, she sent me a WhatsApp image about create in 48 challenge. We pondered on it with my team members and we loved it. Then we realized that it was something that we had been doing in our local church but we had not taken it as a business venture. Some of us are last borns and we have been doing errands ever since we were young.

How many are you in road runner?

We are 4 members that make this extraordinary team. It is a registered company and we have complied with all the legal requirements for the company.

In a good day, how much do road runners make?

7 to 9 errands. We make approximately between Shs 5-8 k per day but it depends on the type of errand and the client involved.

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So are you the road runners who do the errands?

Yes, we do our own errands and it’s been great. We decided to pursue that model so that we understand the business and also build trust with our customers. When we decide to bring other people on board, we will have known the loopholes in our business.

So do you guys have investors?

We are in talks with partners who have seen the potential of this business and they want to invest in it. So we want to set up structures and maybe get a van to help us move around and expand. The potential of business here is massive.

Lessons from the Create in 48 contest?

It is possible to start a business in 48 hours and the most important thing you can have is an idea.

Many people walk with great ideas but they always look at the red tapes. Create in 48 taught us that an idea is the most powerful thing you can have.

Unity of purpose. We found out that united we stand divided we fall. But when we came together, we realized how unique each and everyone of us is. In every business, there must be a sense of unity.

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