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Eric Omondi blasts at Ezekiel Mutua after calling him out on inappropriate content

Comedian Eric Omondi lashed out at KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua after he criticized his latest move of putting out what he termed as inappropriate content.

In a video posted by the comedian himself, Dr. Ezekial Mutua could be heard questioning his morals following a series of half naked photos and videos shared by the comedian.

Mutua called out Omondi asking him to put a disclaimer on some of the videos he has been sharing on social media, as well as put some respect on his name if he wants to be addressed as the President of Comedy in Africa.

According to KFCB Boss, Eric should be conscious about the young generation that might be influenced by the content he is putting out there. “People are doing all manner of staff, including some people like Eric Omondi, Unashangaa uhyu ni mwendawazimu gani, kuna heshima gani unajionesha kwa video kwa njai ambayo haifai na wewe ni mtu mzima. Na
unasema ati wewe ni King of Comedy Afrika. Sasa King of Comedy, si ujiheshimu basi, King of Comedy si uwe na heshima kwa Watoto na hizo vitu ufanye then you put a disclaimer ni za watu wazima” said Ezekiel Mutua.

Omondi responded to Mutua cautioning him to stop using his name for publicity stunts. Adding that he has never seen him support the entertainment industry yet he is always quick to criticize. “Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. This is your last warning. This is not the way to address the
PRESIDENT of an entire Continent. Stop using my name for these cheap PUBLICITY stunts…I have never understood exactly what you do for a living.”

“You have not helped the Entertainment Industry in any way. So you flew all the way to Mombasa to do this Press conference, hiyo Pesa ungenipatia niongeze nazo Cameras Kwa Studio zangu so that we shoot more videos for young talented Kenyans. Please visit Eric Omondi Studios and see what we are about to do to help young and upcoming TALENTS. Don’t ever address me or use my name again. You don’t know my story!!! You don’t
understand my process!!!” wrote Eric Omondi.

However, this is not the first time the comedian has clashed with the moral
police boss. Once, Eric Omondi claimed that Mutua has not taken the leadership role that he holds to support the Kenyan industry and that Mutua has not picked a positive thing from artists and only flexes muscle when negative stories crop up. Ezekiel Mutua has once before reprimanded Eric after a viral video of him swimming in a river with lads while naked,
circulated the internet.

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Mutua stated that Omondi’s video was an ‘illegal, bizarre and obscene comedy that violates the rights of children’ whom he claims were being exploited for money.

He added that he will pursue legal action against the comedian and urged the parents of the children to sue Omondi for the ‘gross abuse and indecent exposure of their kids.’ The comedian, however, apologized and said that he had made an erred judgement due to the influence of doing comedy for so long.

This article was written by Josephine Njoroge.

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