Dr. Ezekiel Mutua just unmasked a difficult truth Kenyans have avoided in the viral Consolata kid incident

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua is known for being conservative, outspoken and some might even say a bit prudish. However, his most recent statement might have just uncovered a difficult truth that most Kenyans might find difficult to face.

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer took to social media yesterday to share his thoughts on the series of viral videos where a potty-mouthed young boy went on camera to hurl insults at another student as earlier reported by The Sauce. The child, who was identified as a Consolata Primary School student then went to apologize, and only hours later to he shared another video where he was joined by his cousin and seems unbothered by the public backlash. Unashamed, livid and daring, he went on to spew more insults and taunt K.O.T asking for more views.

In a hard-hitting post on social media, Dr. Mutua pointed out that the antics of the young Consolata kid were not just a result of poor home training, but were also a reflection of the deteriorating moral fabric of the Kenyan nation. He said, “When national leaders use the vulgar language on each other like Hon. Babu did on D.P yesterday, why are we blaming that young boy for doing a vulgar video, using unpalatable language?”

Mutua went on to recount when respected man of the cloth Pastor Ng’ang’ a went on to rain insults on his congregants on several occasions as earlier reported on The Sauce.  KFCB boss said, “When preachers like Pastor Ng’ang’ a do the crazy things …for ‘trending’ and controversy, why are we shocked when our kids copy him?” According to Mutua, the Consolata kid is not a product of him home, but rather a manifestation of the ills that consume the Kenyan society. And his well-considered words may have just earned him more support.


And his statement has finally pulled back a shocking truth, leaving many questioning if Mutua may have been right all along. Based on reactions of Kenyans of Twitter, many seem to agree with Dr. Mutua’s rhetoric regarding the Consolata Kid and the worrying state of the Kenyan society.

One @Mutai_Toby commented, “It was the first time I agreed with him. Some of his ideas are frivolous and he may have used that kids case to preen and rub it in our faces. He is quite right though. Media, especially social media is spoiling our kids.”

@KevinKago90 wrote, “I agree. I also believe children learn through imitation. We spend too much time on social media, vlogging is now more prevalent than blogging. In our days watu wakikiss kwa movie, that’s it. Mnaenda kulala. WE are spoiling our kids with our use of media and social media.

Could it be time for Kenyans to finally re-examine our leadership and the example they provide, our leaders of tomorrow?

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