DJ Rillance at the top of the game in mixing studies and music

DJ Rillance harry
DJ Rillance aka Harrison Ngure

Officially known as Harrison Ngure, DJ Rillance is a rising MC and DJ. The 21 year-old is also a student and a sound engineer and he is clearly ambitious, pursuing his dreams with passion. He speaks to Maureen Emu.  


Why the name DJ Rillance?

My style is freelance; I can do anything with the machines and all genres of music. I have deejayed in Asian events with music that I don’t understand. So, I came up with the name Harrilance, and then shortened it to Rillance.


What is your tag-line?

Tune killer. I kill the tunes.


Where and what do you study?

I am a senior in The United States International University – Africa (USIU), studying Information Technology (IT), and with a minor in Forensics.


How long have you been in this industry?

Approximately two years now.


Did you always want to be a DJ?

I have never thought of being a DJ. However, I wanted to do music. I wanted to be a rapper. Deejaying has always been my hobby, talent and passion. I was a rapper with the gospel group, ‘KeleleTakatifu’, but I felt that that wasn’t enough. Therefore, the only way I could combine many aspects of my love for music was by doing production and deejaying and so, I went for it!

DJ Rillance

How do you combine school and being a DJ?

I appreciate being in USIU, since the program is simpler. It is easy to choose my classes. I choose afternoon classes, so that I can sleep during the day plus have time for my books and plan my gigs later on.


What are your achievements so far in the music industry?

I have graced several events: The Art and Beer Festival, Mr& Miss USIU, USIU Culture Week, EABL Pilsner Ice, Shark energy drink and Castle Lager activations at Tortilas. I also have a radio show on 99.9 FM USIU Radio called ‘the Rippling Effect’, which has been nominated in the Campus Awards 2013.


What challenges have you experienced so far in this career?

Balancing between music and school is not an easy task. Music is so addictive and it can easily divert your attention from books. However, I thank God that I have made it this far, so I am able to manage my school work competently; my G.P.A is still good…I am confident…


What are the advantages of being a DJ?

The money… though that’s not my motivation. This has been my talent, my hobby and my passion, so it’s easy for me. I am able to connect with many people in the music world and learn the industry.


What is your vision/goal?

To be an internationally recognized Disk Jockey who uses IT as a way to make the act of Deejaying simpler.


Who else would you be if not a DJ?

I would still be an entrepreneur. Besides, I switch Forensics and deejaying. I also own a clothing line tagged Eastlandor Empire. We sell Tee shirts and we are branching into making trousers, shoes and caps.


Which DJ do you look up to/who is your inspiration?

Locally, DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Creepa, DJ Bash & DJ Kafii.

Internationally, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Tiesto & DJ Flipside.


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