Dj Pinye says sorry not sorry to Kenyan artists as the PlayKeMusic debate rages on

Dj Pinye eats humble pie on his birthday.

Late last year Peter Chuani aka DJ Pinye was the subject of bashing from many Kenyan artists and fans after he revealed that he didn’t play some songs by Kenyan musicians.

The veteran mix master on his 48th birthday yesterday reflected on his harsh remarks and took to social media to apologize to artists who felt their careers were derailed by his action. The disc jockey added that he was not apologetic for the standards he upholds in the industry.

The 48-year-old said some artistes dropped mediocre songs and as such wouldn’t bother playing the songs. He mentioned songs like “Lamba Lolo” by the Ethic crew, rapper Khaligraph Jones and DNA were among the artists he had blacklisted.

“There are artists whose music I did not play back in the days, including Khaligraph and DNA, but their careers have grown… I cannot play ‘Lamba Lolo’ or ‘New Position’. DJs shouldn’t play mediocre music,” said DJ Pinye in an interview with NRG radio.

DNA went on the offensive shortly after the remarks came out and went on to release a diss track titled “Kapinye.”

As the PlayKeMusic debate rages on, DJ Pinye is among the many industry players who have had to explain their part in the state of the local music industry. Nonetheless, local musicians have wisened up and are taking matters in their own hands with the support of the Kenyan audience.

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