Diamond Platnumz ex-girl Hamisa Mobetto drops new release with Christian Bella

Bongo music has had some intriguing releases in the last few days.

Diamond Platinumz ex-girl Hamisa Mobetto has just released a new track.

The Bongo beauty is coupled up with Tanzanian artist Christian Bella on their new release ‘Boss’. The duo makes for a strange combination on the track that sounds somewhat similar to Akothee’s new release ‘Muje‘. Hamisa’s beauty is a sight for sore eyes and her body is clad in figure-hugging apparel for the whole video. The two sing of their expensive, so-called ‘boss’ lifestyle in the 3-minute track. As Bella continues to serenade the listeners, he goes on to namedrop big brand names such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. In the track, he makes it clear to the girl of his dreams that whatever she wants, he can provide.

The track is the fourth track by Mobetto who came to fame after her hot and heavy romance with Bongo King Diamond Platnumz. Heavily autotuned, Hamisa’s voice sounds altered but yet pleasant to listen. Her array of outfits and air-kisses make the video worth watching.

Mbosso dropped a new single ‘Maajab’ and its an instant success. The guitarist and renowned singer released the track on May 27th, 2019 and has garnered over 700K views on YouTube. He sings of a sweet love; one that is truly awesome and like no other. The Imagination Sound and Wasafi Records collaborative project is a scintillating track for all those in love who truly value the adoration of their lover.

He sings, “Anichua tumbo la ngiri Kwa mafuta ya karafu Nikichoka, ananikanda Kwa Kwa mabarafu Maajab, maajab Penzi lake la ajab Maajab, maajab Mahaba yake ya ajab.” The track has received a positive response, and it seems that Mbosso is now being recognized for his imaginative lyrics. Among the many fans to congratulate Mbosso for the release, one fan wrote, “I must say ua lyrics are always on another level.”

Queen Darleen teamed up with Wasafi’s golden boy Harmonize for the track “Mbali”. The track that dropped on June 3rd, 2019 has been trending since it was released last week. Darleen’s sound is elevated by Konde Boy and their chemistry offers a story for their audiences to fall into. The release came only a few days after she released the official video for the provocative track “Muhogo.”

It seems that Harmonise gave Queen Darleen a different edge to her sound, and may just signify a new chapter for Diamond Platnumz sister.

Which song did you like best?

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