Death By Selfie

According to a number of reports, it has been noted that today’s youth reckless abandon has seen them do almost anything for the perfect selfie. According to Mashable, selfies claimed more lives than sharks in 2015. According to the research, there is a list of top scenarios where close-calls and actually deaths happened all for the perfect shot.


Risky behavior was exhibited on the latest Tour De France where fans stood on the road while cyclists rode in their direction at 30mph all for the perfect shot.

Wild Animals

Easily angered wild animals and all that comes with being in the wild is a sure recipe for disaster. Taking the ideal shot for your Instagram is no easy task. Creativity and timing play a great part in getting just the right shot. However, too many have risked life and limb for “the perfect shot” . According to USA Today College, a woman was gored by a bison to death while trying to take a selfie with her daughter.


The shot of the city skyline as the sun sets is a special shot but the process of having that image feature on your instagram account is quite the process. Many have tried, some have failed and others have become experts. If the extreme Instagram feeds of @mustangwanted and @roof_topper   is anything to go by, it takes courage for the perfect shot. Whatever the reason, a selfie is never worth a life.


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