A weekend in the life of Daniel Dyer- Grant’s Whisky Brand Ambasador

Mr. Daniel Dyer the bold, daring and super cool Global Brand Ambassador of Grant’s Whisky is in Kenya.

Arriving in the Green City in The Sun on Thursday, Nov 8th, Dyer is on a mission to unveil the new Grant’s Triple Wood. Road tripping from neighboring Tanzania via Arusha, Dyer caught a glimpse of the border and shared Grant’s Whisky moments with the locals. While in the +254, Daniel will go on an excursion of the city and host two high profile events; a bottle reveal of the Grant’s Triple Wood at a consumer event with and an intimate Trade Partners Appreciation Dinner.

Though many may think his job is all lights and camera, Dyer is also an intergral part in training the public and market influencers such as bartenders on the whisky’s flavor profiles, leading to its full appreciation. While in Kenya, he will also facilitate a bartender deconstruction and tasting of Grants whiskies for the ever-developing bartender community of Nairobi.

Speaking on his maiden East African tour, Daniel Dyer who will be in Kenya till Monday, Nov 12th, 2018 said, “At Grants, we are Bold, Unapologetic and Ambitious in everything that we do. Kenya has been a destination I have always wanted to come to. I am really looking forward to seeing what it has to offer, learning the culture, interacting with Kenyan whisky lovers and to sharing more about Grant’s new distinctive and refreshed bottle.” He’s visit to Kenya marks the first country in Africa where Grant’s is revealing the new look bottle, now named Grants Triple Wood.

Mr. Daniel Dyer has over 10 years in the whisky industry. Having started out in Scotland, he worked at a number of distilleries—a role that cemented his love for whisky and that gave him a practical understanding of the art and science behind whisky making. His experience ranged from working at The Mash Tun Whisky Bar, where he led tastings and wrote a whisky tasting book on over 100 different whiskies.

His first visit to Kenya coincides with Grant’s recently announced global brand refresh which includes a striking new packaging with a renaming of its signature blend, a refined core range and a new direction for its communications campaign. Launched globally in July 2018, the newly named “Grant’s Triple Wood” is a new way of communicating the superiority of the liquid through its whisky-making process.

To become the brand’s latest Global Ambassador, Daniel, and 5000 other applicants, entered the ‘Greatest Job Interview in the World’ – a global recruitment competition by Grant’s. The daring ambassador traveled the world in 10 days, putting his wealth of experience within the industry to the test. His travel echoes the legendary trip taken in 1909 by Charles Grant Gordon, the son in law of the founder of Grant’s Whisky, William Grant.

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