Damian Marley & Stephen Marley Self Medicate On Latest Release

Damian Marley is joined by his borther Stephen Marley on his latest tack “Medication” from his latest album “Stony Hill” set for release on 21st July 2017.



The track is an easy listen with a strong message on the legalization of marijuana. The track features the holy grail reggae sound made up of a piano tunes, a steady drum beat and strumming of a bass guitar. The track speaks on the benefits decriminalizing “Mary Jane” to bring a world of good to cancer patients and the number of peoples incarcerated for possession of the “medical” herb. The video shot in a marijuana grow house is a sort of ode to the “wonderful herb.” The vidoe ends on a high note with the words “CANNABIS HEALS.”




The duo show and prove just why they are sons of the legend Bob Marley. Their musical prowess is undeniable and their message is trully relevant at this time. This track is the first release from Damian’s 7th album. Jr. Gong  who was recently in Kenya on May 31st 2017 for a performance at the Carnivore Grounds, continues with his tour promoting his latest single and the forthcoming album.


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