Creative CV: Somebody give this lady a job (VIDEO)

Angela Njagi CV

If you are one of the many graduates 0ut there who has been tarmacking for months or years, maybe it’s time you did something extraordinary, like one Angela Karimi. This Nazarene University graduate is clearly the out-of-the-box candidate employees are looking for, if her creative video CV is anything to go by.

Angela decided to shoot the video CV to sell her skills to potential employers in the marketing and advertising industry after realising her job as a debt recovery officer was not what where her heart is.

“I had little work experience in the field I wanted to work in, therefore I had to figure out a way to circumvent that. I wasn’t able to sell my personality through my traditional CV and that’s how I came up with the shoe story,” says Angela.

Angela told Capital Campus that she has received interesting responses within days of her posting the video on YouTube after her previous attempts to get an opportunity in the marketing sector hit dead ends.

“I would send out my previous CV which would get me very few responses. However, the video CV has generated quite a bit of interesting responses. So far, I’ve learnt that employers prefer being shown your ability rather just being told about it.”

Check out her CV below

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