Comedy takes over top 10 trending videos on YouTube in Kenya

2018 YouTube’s top trending videos in Kenya has just been released.

It seems to be the year of the Comedian. Gone are the days of stand-up comedy as comedians on social media have thrived in 2018, helping Kenyans to forget their problems and instead delivering some comic relief. In the top 10 list, newcomer MC Sunday takes the 9th spot, as the Churchill Show Mombasa edition took the 10th spot. Politics also featured with Miguna Miguna’s popular “I am not boarding” video and Obama’s visit to Kenya earlier this year, also featuring on the list. The World Cup game Portugal vs Spain also featured on the prestigious list.

Here are the most popular comedies on YouTube for 2018:

Njugush Ame Nduthika

Njugush is probably one of Kenya’s most successful comedians, so it is not surprising that he features in the top 5 most popular videos viewed locally on YouTube.

Usicheze na Conductor wa Mat za Mwihoko 

Henry DesaguHenry Desagu takes the 7th spot. His Mwihoko-based content has garnered him a loyal following.

MC Tricky buys himself, Samantha,

MC Tricky’s antics have seen him grow in popularity. His short skit with Samantha also featured on the list at number 8.


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